Designers call the 6 major interior design trends in 2022

2021-11-24 02:02:54 By : Mr. SARA LIU

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Plus how to decorate with them, what products to buy and what colors to choose...

In 2021, our houses continue to play a mixed role of living and working spaces, as well as much-needed shelters away from the uncertainty of the pandemic. This has and will continue to shape the future of interior design next year.

By 2022, the way we decorate our houses will revolve around the sustainability of the materials we use and shopping brands, the new interest in bringing the natural world into the interior, the realignment of our living spaces to accommodate flexible work schedules, and the nostalgia immersion Our design is past.

"In 2022, the emphasis will still be on nature and sustainability in design," said String Furniture's CMO Bo Hellberg. "Retro and natural colors, beige, warm colors, and various shades of green will be mixed. Usually a more neutral and basic color scheme. We will continue to want the ideal home office that is both practical and stylish."

Below, eight design experts weighed what they thought would be the top interior design trends in 2022...

Sustainability, responsible use of materials, and the rise of "biophilic" trends are expected to be major design trends in 2022.

Swyft's design and trade expert Ben White said: "In recent years, sustainability and the use of organic materials have become more prominent. As the public's exposure to climate change has increased, the concept of sustainability has penetrated To the interior decoration industry and our homes. This will translate into the way we buy furniture; switching to furniture using recycled wood and accessories using recycled glass and metal."

The sustainable development trend in 2022 will focus on household materials. Interior design expert Chloe Jonason said: "Vintage textiles and fabrics are produced in a sustainable manner, and have a slow spirit away from mass production. From a responsible company with sustainable development at the core, they focus on handmade products that can last a lifetime. ."

Our furniture will also shift to responsible design and manufacturing. Bo predicts that cork will play an important role in the growing "biophilic" trend. "Renewable and biodegradable cork stoppers will enter the kitchen in 2022," Bo said. "Cork is an important part of the'biophilic' trend. We seek to connect with nature, organic materials and plant life at home. It is obviously inherently sustainable and can bring warmth and texture to any surface or space, but It’s also ideal for insulation, so it’s perfect for the kitchen."

The temporary home office we set up on the kitchen table or home sofa will no longer be applicable in 2022. Embracing the trend of mixed work will require migrating to more advanced workspaces.

Ben said: "2020 has changed the way we live, sleep, and work. We are beginning to move in the direction of'zoning' and creating zones for each area of ​​our lives. Partitioning makes it easier for us to be in very abnormal situations. Keep something normal underneath."

"We are now buying houses more wisely, putting the fluidity of the room at the top of our decision-making. Next year, we will study components with dual functions that can be adapted as we change throughout the day to stay open. Plan living space."

Chloe recommends a thoughtful approach to the home office: "Create a comfortable work space at home and look for products that help solve this problem, such as attractive-looking ergonomic chairs, good storage Choices, beautiful desks, convenient waste paper bins are a functional space that can improve your home."

"Introducing the exterior into the interior; this is a trend we have been talking about for a while," Ben said, "but it will blossom and bear fruit next year. We will incorporate green and natural tones into our interior design through the use of plants, wood, and terracotta. We may also see the use of green velvet sofas, sage or olive walls, or jute textured carpets."

GoodMove's experts analyzed Google search data and revealed the trend of popular paint colors, treating soft green as one of 2022. "In the past few years, we have seen sage green become popular again, and 2022 is the year of gray-green. This silver-green tone is very suitable for the living room because it is a harmonious and renewed color, which helps It exudes a sense of calm and relaxation, and is also an excellent way to bring the outside in."

At the same time, our earthy brown and terracotta will bring a touch of warmth. "In the past year, the term'terracotta wall' has increased by 86% in the UK," said Rebecca Snowden, an interior style consultant at Furniture And Choice. "These reddish brown and tan hues It will become the first choice for autumn and winter trends, and lays the foundation for elegant layering. In the bedroom, matching the red clay background with the gray velvet bed and comfortable linen bedding creates a sense of calm (and grounded). "

Earlier this year, Dulux named "Bright Sky", a light and airy blue, as the color of the year 2022. A hue that promotes tranquility and tranquility, making it the perfect choice for the bedroom, and provides a fresh and airy basic palette in the kitchen or bathroom.

"Blue will become one of the most popular colors for bedrooms in 2022," said Joanna Ross, Sheridan Product and Innovation Manager. "It can have a positive effect on emotions because it connects us with the blue sky or ocean we find in nature, which helps us feel relaxed... Whether you add a dark blue feature wall or adopt blue Textured quilt covers (such as our Marsella Marlin quilt covers), as we all know, blue helps calm the mind and create a sense of tranquility – whoever does not find something like this before going to bed at night."

Elsewhere in the home, blues can be the perfect foundation for accessories to shine. Martin Waller, founder of Andrew Martin, said: "The boldness and warmth of blue will continue to stand out in our homes. Compared to the white found in art galleries and museums, darker colors form a better background for paintings and artworks. ."

Antiquities and antique discovery are expected to become the preferred green resources for families, and Millennials and Generation Z are looking for second-hand markets and applications, such as the upcoming Narchie.

"We are looking for upgrades, antiques or second-hand furniture with stories," Ben said. "Its origin not only brings great conversations, but is also a more environmentally friendly home decoration method."

Camilla Clarke of Albion Nord shared her thoughts on the trend-setting antiques in 2022: “As the use of antiques in the home has grown in the mainstream in the past year, we will see shoppers looking for more specific styles and Become more picky. They want to put all kinds of antiques in the house. Especially antique wooden furniture."

"Coffee tables and chairs in the middle of the century will always be popular, but in 21 and beyond, we will see a revival of more decorative 17th-century styles with thoughtful details such as hand-turned spools or barley Twist your legs. We noticed that spool furniture is becoming more and more popular in antique markets and auctions, and this is reflected in some contemporary home furnishing companies."

"Next year's trends will be driven by culture," Ben said. "For example, in popular TV shows such as "Halston", "Glow" and "Pose", the nostalgic elements of interior design in the 70s and 80s will make a comeback next year. I think this will be reflected in the purchase of personalized items. Think of plush armchairs, with rounded edges and comfortable-an item that nourishes the soul."

In practice, this will mean the revival of nostalgic design references, such as terry, metal and stained glass.

In terms of lighting, we also expect to see nostalgic design elements from the 70s and 80s. Matthew Currington, Technical Director of The Lighting Superstore, said: "By 2022, the trend of the 70s will be greater than ever before, with technical colors of luxurious green, turquoise, sunny yellow and warm orange. For the 70s With the more gentle charm of the age, mushroom lamps have added sculptural elements to project a warm atmosphere from the dome. According to the Etsy 2021 home decoration trend report, searches for mushroom lamps have increased by 371% year-on-year in the past three months."