What to know about this week's storm, how to plan ahead

2022-05-28 04:30:45 By : Ms. Shirley Du

(LEX 18) — The Bluegrass is set to be hit with another winter storm, but this time, ice is a major concern.

An ice storm warning is in effect for much of central Kentucky from Thursday morning to Friday morning. A winter storm warning is also in effect for eastern counties.

Roads could be icy and hazardous and power outages are possible starting Thursday afternoon and continuing through the evening into early Friday morning.

Gov. Andy Beshear tells @LEX18News: “I am worried about this storm.” He says KY is prepared but the thickness of the ice could still cause problems. Says based on what’s in the forecast, “the potential thickness of the ice could potentially rival” ice storms of the past. pic.twitter.com/mOG8oxF4wt

Expect potential ice accumulation of 0.25" to 0.5" with isolated higher amounts pushing 0.75" plus sleet and snow mixed in.

The pros & cons of Thursday's freezing rain & accumulating ice threat. #18StormTracker #kywx pic.twitter.com/i2Q1TTKUZZ

A flood watch is also in effect for southern counties through Friday morning, and 1" to 3" of rain could lead to localized flooding.

A prolonged winter weather event is now underway. Heavy snow is expected from the southern Rockies to New England, while significant freezing rain accumulations are likely from portions of the southern Great Plains through the Ohio Valley. pic.twitter.com/yBj2nuwrXE

What should I have in my car?

If you have to get out during a winter storm, the National Weather Service recommends you have a full tank of gas in your car, a snow shovel and brush, water and snacks, blankets and warm clothes, jumper cables, a first aid kit, a phone charger, sand or kitty litter and a flashlight.

AAA offers the following driving tips for those who must be on the roads:

What should I have in my house?

You should have the following items in your house to prepare ahead of a winter storm: water and snacks (non-perishable food items), a first aid kit, flashlight, batteries, a portable phone charger, extra medicine, extra baby supplies (if applicable), extra pet supplies (if applicable), ice melt, salt, and shovels.

What if the power goes out where I live?

Experts recommend you turn off all appliances to avoid a power surge when the power comes back on. You should also keep one lamp switched on and keep your refrigerator and freezer doors closed. Open blinds during the day and cover the windows with drapes at night. Gather in a central location with an alternate heat source, like a fireplace. Finally, be patient as crews work quickly to restore power where you live.

Louisville Gas and Electric Company and Kentucky Utilities Company offer the following tips:

LG&E and KU customers can also sign up for outage texting to report an outage to 4LGEKU (454358) and to request status updates from their mobile devices.

What are some non-perishable food items I should have in my house?

Non-perishable food includes any items that do not require heat to consume. They include canned fruits/vegetables/meat, ready-to-eat soups, granola/protein bars, beef jerky, cereal, crackers, and bottled water, juice boxes, and sports drinks.

If you want to send reports of measuring ice, the National Weather Service has the following tips:

Ice measuring refresher in case you want to send reports #kywx #inwx pic.twitter.com/mUIGPjznSj