10 important tips for protecting your home from the cold in winter | Better homes and gardens

2021-11-24 02:15:36 By : Ms. Tammy Tan

The cold weather is really so cold, it's time to complete your winter to-do list before you hibernate at home. 

Although there are many things to keep you busy in winter, from organizing your winter wardrobe to maybe even planning a snow trip, don't forget to give your home a little attention.  

It is important to consider the impact of cold weather on your home. When you are in the mood for planning, here are 10 tips to keep your house from the cold.

High-quality ceiling insulation materials can prevent heat from escaping into the sky. Avoid paying electricity bills through the roof by checking that the insulation is intact and repairing if necessary. If your insulation was installed not long ago, or if you haven't yet, please take a moment to explore the many efficient, affordable and environmentally friendly insulation products that Bunnings offers.

Windows also play a key role in isolating our houses. Before high winds cause costly damage, watch for any cracks in the glass. Also test the seals around the windows to avoid water damage in the event of a storm. There are also many smart decoration options, such as glass windows and blackout blinds, to help maintain a comfortable home. Go to your local Bunnings to find various options to help you prepare your windows for winter.

As winter approaches, good garden cleaning is essential. Prune the low branches to prevent them from falling towards the house in high winds. Check that the tree does not interfere with power lines or pipes. Piles of leaves and debris are a fire hazard, but they are also great homes for hibernating pests!

The autumn leaves are picturesque, but it is a nightmare for your gutter! If leaves enter the drain, it is the main cause of blockage. Check whether the drainage pipes and rainwater pipes flow smoothly, and clear the drainage ditch in autumn. Consider using leaf nets or gutter guards to make cleaning easier. The experts at Bunnings will be able to help you predict winter attacks on the gutter!

If you have a fireplace or pot belly, please conduct a professional inspection of your chimney or flue. Regular cleaning can prevent the accumulation of potentially toxic soot and ash by-products and ensure that there are no structural problems. During the summer months, the chimney also attracts pests, including rats and birds, and when you light the first fire of the season, it will cause a problematic blockage.

In a harsh climate like Australia, the summer heat can cause damage to painted surfaces, renderings and even brickwork. Use mild weather to repair any faded colors or check the structural stability of fences and retaining walls.

Nowadays, savvy shoppers love seasonal products-how about seasonal planting? There are a variety of vegetables that can thrive in your winter garden, including broccoli, cabbage, onions, peas, garlic, cabbage, and radishes. Visit your local nursery or talk to Bunnings' gardening experts to learn about the plants that bloom in the winter, or the vegetables that will bloom in the spring if you plant them underground now.

When it comes to winter planning, it's not just about safety and savings. It can also refresh your decoration! How about some stylish cushions or rugs for your outdoor furniture, so you don't have to stop enjoying the garden views? And don’t forget some sturdy doormats, coat hooks or shoe racks to make sure you don’t bring too much garden into the house!

There is nothing better than getting up on a cold morning and taking a cold shower! Whether you have gas hot water, electric hot water or solar hot water in your home, now is the time to check whether the system is operating effectively.

If there is a problem with your plumbing or hot water, or if you experience a power outage, do you know who to call? Put some convenient emergency phone numbers on the refrigerator, such as the local plumber and electrician you can call after get off work, your electricity supplier, the helpline of the local council, or the emergency service contact.

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