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Are you looking for a reliable partner to provide your customers with high-quality joinery inventory? DAKO will not only provide you with products, but also support you in the field of marketing. Check out the services we can provide you as a business partner.

European joinery is a strong brand worldwide. A wide variety of wood and advanced technology make Europe a global leader in wood products. In order to meet the strong demand for high-quality joinery supply outside the Old World, DAKO decided to expand its business activities to the world market.

In our brand philosophy, we attach great importance to establishing a comprehensive network of business partners. To date, it is composed of more than 600 international partners worldwide. What can you expect when joining this network? Our quotation includes products and services. By using them, you can build stronger relationships with customers looking for the highest quality wood products.

DAKO is a distributor of doors, garage doors and windows covering the world. We offer different types of doors (garages, terraces, front doors), windows, blinds and external roller shutters, as well as smart home management systems. The complexity of our offer makes it possible to set up the entire house, and its diversity helps to find inventory that fully meets customer preferences. In addition to wood products, we also provide durable solutions based on aluminum and PVC. Our products are suitable for residential and commercial use.

DAKO is a leader in the European joinery industry and has more than 27 years of experience in the market. For more than ten years, we have been working with international partners to provide wood products, aluminum products and PVC products to customers in 51 countries/regions, including the United States and Japan. In 2021, we were named the best supplier in the category of building materials in the International Trade Commission's "Going Global" award.

Our ability to meet the increasing demand for high-quality joinery depends on several factors-skilled employees, reliable material suppliers, and 33,800 square meters of technology park. Its innovative facilities allow us to increase production without compromising quality.

Minimalism is the leading aesthetic of modern design, and DAKO's DA-SkyLine system has become one of the brand's iconic solutions. It consists of high-end sliding doors with hidden frames. This structure extends the glass surface to its maximum, blurring the boundary between the inside and the outside. Therefore, it is a perfect solution for anyone who wants to fill the space with light and show the landscape.

Panoramic glass windows do not rule out effective thermal insulation. For the DA-SkyLine system, the frame is hidden in the walls, floor and ceiling. This can maintain the excellent thermal insulation parameters of the structure.

Those who value effective heat preservation may also be interested in DAKO DA-77 series. When creating it, we paid great attention to thermal efficiency by introducing four-chamber profiles with thermal partitions.

The project also stands out for its flexibility. Customers can choose colors, materials and different types of glass according to their needs-including energy-saving, sound-proofing and safety variants.

The product meets all the specifications of energy saving and environmental protection. At the same time, they increase the fire safety of the building. For those who are looking for a safe and durable solution without compromising the aesthetics, DA-77 will be a perfect choice.

The DAKO Harmony series is another modern solution known worldwide for its flexibility. Harmony is not a series of ready-made windows, doors, shutters and garage doors, but a system that they designed at the same time, taking into account the unique characteristics of a particular building.

In the solution provided, there are five colors to choose from. DAKO offers 11 complex pre-designed compositions made of wood, PVC or aluminum, but you can also create your own compositions in our online configurator. Customers can choose colors, materials and decorative elements to create a coordinated suit that 100% meets their needs.

Every member of our business partner network can rely on product supply and our support. Understanding the importance of updating knowledge in our industry, we provide them with opportunities to expand their knowledge and develop new skills through regular training. They cover a wide range of topics related to our industry-including product and sales related topics.

In addition to training packages, we also provide our business partners with all necessary marketing materials, including catalogs. As a member of our sales network, you don't have to worry about promotions. All responsibilities related to marketing, including the implementation of traditional and digital marketing activities, are on our side. As a partner, you will be supported by the DAKO sales department.

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