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2021-11-24 02:03:01 By : Mr. SARA LIU

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In the past year or so, HomeKit's smart shutter options have been slightly improved, Fyrtur products from IKEA and other companies, and recently Aqara's own modification option Roller Shade Driver E1. Now, a company called Smartwings is offering a HomeKit option for its blinds, which provides motors and materials for the blinds (currently there are six different options), and all sizes are determined based on the measurements provided by the customer. Many materials provide UV protection as well as varying percentages of light-shielding capabilities.

Smartwings currently offers three options for their blinds-a smart blind that can only be used with the company's own remote control, one of which can control up to 15 blinds at once or individually, and one designed for Amazon Alexa and Samsung SmartThings The Zigbee version. The last option provides official HomeKit integration via Bluetooth. It is understandable that mentioning Bluetooth these days, especially with the advent of Thread, may discourage many consumers. However, we were told that the Bluetooth chip used with the HomeKit option may actually use the Nordic nRF52840 Bluetooth chip, which can be updated to support Thread, although we have not confirmed this through a second source. The question then becomes whether the company will update its chips to use Thread next year (if they already support Thread) or add Thread-enabled chips to their products, we were told this is a cautious "yes." We are obviously not inclined to advise people to buy things based on non-binding statements that have not yet been passed, but it is worth paying attention to.

Smartwings shutters have a built-in motor and 2200mAh battery in the tube. The company claims that it can be used for 4-6 months between each charge. The battery is charged through the micro USB port at one end of the roller tube.

Smartwings currently offers free shipping for all options within the United States. You can find more detailed information on the company's website.

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