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Specification of our roller shutter (Any size can be customized)TypeRegular widthSlats39mm, 42mm, 45mm, 50mmAluminum guide54mm, 58mm, 60mm, 70mm1. Other sizes can be customized in our here.2. Surface treatment: curtain slats is PVDF coating and aluminum guide is electrostatic power coating. Our coating will not fade and won

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Specification of our roller shutter (Any size can be customized)
TypeRegular width
Slats39mm, 42mm, 45mm, 50mm
Aluminum guide54mm, 58mm, 60mm, 70mm

1. Other sizes can be customized in our here.

2. Surface treatment: curtain slats is PVDF coating and aluminum guide is electrostatic power coating. Our coating will not fade and won't drop paint.
Roll-up Blinds/Shutters for Bedroom
               Curtain slat                               Aluminum guide with wool pile

There are many colors for curtain slat can be choiced as below
Roll-up Blinds/Shutters for Bedroom

The special design on curtain slat:
On our each curtain slat, it design with holes. When the roller shutter is closed, the holes can effective regulation of the light according to your requirements. It also can circulation of air between indoor and outdoor, to improve indoor air. Also it has the function of privacy protection. 
Now, our this design is very popular in the market.
Roll-up Blinds/Shutters for Bedroom

Type of box housing on our roller shutter
Our regular type of box housing are round, 45 degree and 90 degree. Besides, we also can offer other types if you need.
Roll-up Blinds/Shutters for Bedroom

Function of our roller shutter
Some important functions can be showsed on our roller shutter.
Such as, preventing strong sunniness, Reducing noise, antitheft, thermal insulation, improving fire protection, energy saving and wind pressure resistance.
Roll-up Blinds/Shutters for Bedroom

Energy Saving for our roller shutter
Our roller shutters are foam-filled aluminum slats used over doors and windows to keep out wind, heat, cold and dust. The density of our PU foam is more than 55KG/CBM.
Industry standards state that the shutters lower power consumption as much as 64% year round.

Below are simple graphs to explain the importance of aluminun alloy foaming roller shutter. 

Roll-up Blinds/Shutters for Bedroom

Roll-up Blinds/Shutters for Bedroom

Control system of our roller shutter
The roller shutters can be operated by manually, electrically and by remote control.
For manually opeation, strap recoil box and crank handle can be choiced.

Roll-up Blinds/Shutters for Bedroom

Components on roller shutter
Matching profiles for all customary roller shutter boxes and a variety of requirements manufactured according to European standards. And all plastic components are antioxidant.

Here is all our components on the roller shutter, these components will be matched denpend on the type of roller shutter.
Roll-up Blinds/Shutters for Bedroom
Roll-up Blinds/Shutters for Bedroom

As a professional manufacturer, we not only supply products, also can supply all kinds of compents and material which used on roller shutters/door.


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